Have you been stuck at Intermediate English level?

Build a new language learning habit to have a breakthrough on your Intermediate English Plateau by doing deliberate and intentional daily exercises, using our AI-powered language practicing apps.

General English Sprint Apps

General English Sprint

Your choice of content

Read AI-generated text based on any Topic in your native language and train your vocabulary and writing skills by translating the text into English.

Listen, repeat, and shadow

Train your ears by listening to the text-to-speech from the AI-paraphrased text. Try to repeat and shadow what you hear several times.

Test your pronunciation

Read aloud the text sentence by sentence to get your speaking performance assessed. It will score your pronunciation, tone, linking, stress, etc.


AI-Speaking Partner

Converse with an AI partner

Discuss any topic with your AI partner. It will keep you engaged while also give you instant feedback on how to improve your overall English skills.

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